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85 million families (that is about two out of every three families in the US own a pet)
63 million families own at least one dog
65% of all pet owners are either Gen X or Older
The average lifespan of a dog or cat is seven years or less
Pet ownership in the US during the pandemic rose across all age groups
95% of pet owners think of them as family members
45% of American pet owners buy their pets birthday presents
There are almost 1.5 million pet cremations per year
The average pet crematory does about 1,500 pet cremations per year. With an average price of about $250 that is about $375,000 in revenue… that is all Gross Profit!

That could be doubled by offering Pet Ash Scattering Service as an option.

Average Cost Unattended Ash Scattering Sea Burial is $395

Provider’s is fee is only $45 and if added to the Veterinary Service Provider’s menu..your markup is all profit !


Provide a Simple Referral to the website, they enter the referring Veterinary Service Provider in the comment section, and receive a $50 referral fee…that simple !

The ash scattering business exposes you to many families you might not otherwise meet.

The pet business is not “purrfect”, but it gives you a barking chance at expanding your income and market share. .

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