About Us

Over 45 years ago co-founder and Captain Eric Reed participated in his first ash scattering ceremony with his father and four brothers off Catalina Island in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Since that time Captain Reed has been navigating the beautiful coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, deeply impressed by the vast beauty and completeness of the sea and the planet which it supports. Instilled with awe and respect for our circle of life that depends on it, Eric enjoys returning to the sea frequently and sharing this experience with others, both in life and in a dignified celebration of one’s life. Coming from a family of memorial service providers and having experience in the industry, it was a natural fit to help families honor their loved ones with dignity.


Eric Reed

Vessel Captain
Licence No : CDR # 1181

At Pacific Coast Ash Scatter we are honored to continue the family legacy and tradition of providing both Low-Cost Ash Scattering Services.
Working with families as well as Veterinary Service Providers across the country we ensure each ash laying service is done with the same respect and honor we would provide our own family Pet.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Pacific Coast Ash Scatter to provide compassionate and dignified sea burial services that honor the loving relationships we have with our pets. To bring peace and closure with the return of the animal to nature and to facilitate a meaningful way to allow families to celebrate the memories of their loved family pet.