About Us

Over 45 years ago co-founder and Captain Eric Reed participated in his first ash scattering ceremony with his father and four brothers off Catalina Island in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Since that time Captain Reed has been navigating the beautiful coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, deeply impressed by the vast beauty and completeness of the sea and the planet which it supports. Instilled with awe and respect for our circle of life that depends on it, Eric enjoys returning to the sea frequently and sharing this experience with others, both in life and in a dignified celebration of one’s life. Coming from a family of memorial service providers and having experience in the industry, it was a natural fit to help families honor their loved ones with dignity.

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Only $195/$95 Pets

Scattering the ashes of a loved one in the Pacific Ocean is memorable way to say farewell

We understand this is a very emotional experience as we hope our families take solace in the following poem:

  • My Confort Will Come From The Sea.
  • I Will Be As One With The Sun.
  • When The Sun Sets On The Ocean Blue,
  • Remember Me as I Will Always Remember You.
  • Apart…You And Me..But Be At Peace For I Am Free.

On these occasions you want to place the cremated remains of a loved one with Pacific Coast Ash Scatter, a company you can trust, to guide you through the experience with sensitivity and care.

Complementary Veteran Honor Service

Beyond Thank You
For Your Service

To Honor Veterans, We Can All Go Beyond 'Thank You' To Make An Ongoing impact For the Veteran Community.

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How It Works

Upon receipt of both the remains, permit and authorization form, we will transport your loved one to one of the most picturesque locations off the coast of San Diego and scatter their ashes into the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf  of Mexico. No permit required for pets. We will provide you with a Certificate of Sea Burial stating the date and coordinates of the ash scattering service sent to you via electronic transfer.